Company Updates


CASL Obtains HKAR-21 Approval for Production Organisation Approval

Having fulfilled the requirements as imposed in the HKAR-21 Subpart G, CASL is pleased to be granted the HKAR-21 Approval for Production Organisation Approval (POA) by the Civil Aviation Department.

The HKAR-21 Approval for POA entitles CASL to the exercising of the manufacture of non-metallic Cabin Furnishings with the design drawings provided by a Design Organisation under related agreement and supply carpets to aircraft operators and their service providers.

The granting of the HKAR-21 Approval for POA demonstrates CASL’s professional competency in compliance with the Production Organisation Exposition which sets forth comprehensive requirements of facility provision, staff certification, supervision and quality system for production procedure etc.

The fully-equipped carpet support shop consisting of working areas of incoming material staging, carpet manufacture, product inspection, product storage/dispatch as well as staff stationing and production records filing is scheduled to commence production shortly. Dr. Angus Cheung, CEO of CASL reinforces the company’s commitment to a wider variety of services, “CASL remains with its mission to provide professional and quality services to the satisfaction of customers in all aspects”.