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Community Collaboration for “Youth-up2”

CASL actively engages with different stakeholders and supports the 2017-2019 Lantau Youth Development Programme - “Youth-up2”. Under the programme, CASL would accord priority to the provision of paid internship for young people from the community, to power up their professional skills and social network.

Lantau Youth Development Programme - “Youth-up2” based on the “Business-Community-School” collaboration model forges through “mentoring networks” reciprocity and mutual trust between mentors and mentees that help the socio-emotional, cognitive and identity development of the youth. By organising social innovation projects in collaboration with local stakeholders, it will enhance both mentors’ and youths’ care for and participation in the community where social capital will be built up to strengthen their sense of belonging.

Stella Chan (second left), Senior HR Manager of CASL, attends the “Youth-up2” recognition cum internship commencement ceremony