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CASL believes that one of our key factors to success is to match the right people with the right job. Encouraging positive communication and teamwork, we strive to provide a workplace where our staff can excel in their performance
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Job Application

Interested parties please apply online or send full resume in confidence with current and expected salary to Human Resource Department, China Aircraft Services Limited.
Address: 81 South Perimeter Road, Hong Kong International Airport, Lantau, Hong Kong
Email Address:
Whatsapp: 9120-7813

You may consider your application not being selected if you do not receive any invitation for interview within two months upon the date of your application.

Job Vacancies

Cabin Services
Position Ref. No. Date Posted
Daily Rate Cleaner CSC/02/19/CW 2019/02/21
Daily Rate Cabin Services Attendant CSCSA/11/18/CW 2018/11/21
Assistant Supervisor CSAS/11/18/CW 2018/11/21
Driver CSD/11/18/CW 2018/11/21
Mechanic CSM/11/18/CW 2018/11/21
Daily Rate Aircraft Cleaning Specialist CSACS/11/18/CW 2018/11/21
Line Maintenance
Position Ref. No. Date Posted
Operation Manager LMOM/01/19/CW 2019/01/21
Mechanic LMM/11/18/CW 2018/11/21
Assistant Mechanic LMAM/11/18/CW 2018/11/21
Ramp Coordinator LMRC/11/18/CW 2018/11/21
Planner LMP/11/18/CW 2018/11/21
Operation Administrator LMOA/11/18/CW 2018/11/21
Data Entry Clerk LMDEC/11/18/CW 2018/11/21
Senior Mechanic LMSM/11/18/CW 2018/11/21
Ramp Assistant LMRA/11/18/CW 2018/11/21
Finance and Administration
Position Ref. No. Date Posted
Accounting Assistant F&AAA/01/19/CW 2019/01/03
General Manager – Finance and Administration F&AGM/12/18/CW 2018/12/12
Supply & Stores
Position Ref. No. Date Posted
Assistant Store Operation Executive S&SASOE/11/18/CW 2018/11/21
Storekeeper - AFHS S&SSK/11/18/CW 2018/11/21
Ground Support Equipment
Position Ref. No. Date Posted
GSE Operator GSEOP/11/18/CW 2018/11/21
Control Assistant GSECA/11/18/CW 2018/11/21
Quality Assurance
Position Ref. No. Date Posted
Quality Engineer QAQE/11/18/CW 2018/11/21
Base Maintenance
Position Ref. No. Date Posted
Mechanic (Production) BMM/11/18/CW 2018/11/21
Senior Mechanic (Production) BMSM/11/18/CW 2018/11/21
Aircraft Technical Cleaner BMATC/11/18/CW 2018/11/21
Training and Development
Position Ref. No. Date Posted
Part Time Technical Trainer T&DPTTT/01/19/CW 2019/01/21
Senior Technical Trainer - B2* License T&DSTT/11/18/CW 2018/11/21
Chief Executive Officer Office
Position Ref. No. Date Posted
Driver CEOOD/01/19/CW 2019/01/22
Corporate Communication Officer CEOOCCO/01/19/CW 2019/01/09
Facility Management
Position Ref. No. Date Posted
Maintenance Technician FMMT/12/18/CW 2018/12/13
Facility Management Administrator FMA/11/18/CW 2018/11/22