Company Updates


Virtual Reality Tour for Airport Authority and AVSECO

Led by CASL's CEO Dr. Angus Cheung, respective VR tours were arranged for visitors from Airport Authority and AVSECO on 25 July 2018 at the newly decorated AR/VR training centre. The fun-filled VR experience was well acclaimed by visitors for its close-to-real exposure in aircraft checking scenario. 

The VR training facility is one of CASL's innovations which is designed to provide additional training experience for CASL staff in walk-around aircraft checks. After an introduction of this innovative training facility, the visitors took the opportunity to put on the VR goggles and engage themselves in the virtual aircraft checking scenario at the airport.

The VR training facility is anticipated to transform the traditional training mode into a more interesting learning experience. At the same time, a variety of innovative elements are being explored to streamline the operation thereby enhancing the service quality.