Company Updates


Ingenious Offering to the Community

With the aim to supporting the community in a more direct approach, CASL joined the Big Little Things Pilot Scheme organized by Our Hong Kong Foundation by providing tailor-made bed railing for singleton elderly. The highly flexible tool largely enhances the safety of the targeted elderly without losing its convenience and therefore receives tremendous demand from the community.

Big Little Things Campaign is organized by Our Hong Kong Foundation with the support from CASL and another corporation in the pilot scheme. The objective is to utilize corporations' expertises in addressing the subtle but serious household issues of the disadvantaged, thereby lifting the quality of life.

By visiting the target elderly via the referral of a local non-government organization, CASL's engineering trainees understood the potential risk and unimaginable danger of singleton elderly falling off the bed without being attended to. Therefore we decided to produce flexible, convenient and durable bed railing which would fit different bed types and sizes. The versatile tool, which costs only a quarter of similar products in the market, is now widely accepted by the targets for mass production. 

CASL is delighted to be able to directly respond to the needs of the disavdantaged and see the campaign successfully draw larger participation from other corporations in Hong Kong. 

For more details of the Big Little Things Campaign, please click on the official video below: