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Innovative VR Training Platform Earns Technovation Award

CASL is honoured to have received the “Smart Technovation Award – Training and Development”, in the Smart Airport – Technovation Conference and Exhibition organised by Hong Kong International Airport this year.

The award recognises CASL’s newly developed “VR Training Platform for Aircraft Walk-Around Inspection” (the “VR Training Platform”), which adds larger interactivity and flexibility to the traditional training modes.

The VR Training Platform features a highly realistic and immersive apron environment for trainees to conduct the routine but essential aircraft walk-around inspection in a virtual context. Among the wide range of defects which have been input to the sophisticated database, trainees are required to identify up to 20 randomly generated defects for each attempt. Performance reports are available for review upon completion.

As Dr. Angus Cheung, CASL’s Chief Executive Officer, remarks, “the VR Training Platform resolves the limitations of external factors such as flight schedule, weather, potential risk of personal injury and property damages on apron and allows for tailor-made training and assessment purposes as many as we plan to have.”

“Trainees are also exposed to defects that are not commonly observed in everyday walk-around inspections. It helps enhance their awareness and prepares them for the real inspections that allow no error.”

The VR training platform currently covers A320 model. In the long run, it will be further expanded to include other aircraft models and additional types of defects.

Dr. Angus Cheung does not put a full-stop for CASL’s innovation journey, “we are continuing with our plan on rolling out different innovative solutions to streamline our operation efficiency and service quality. Therefore we are pleased to see this award coming as an important motivation that moves us forward”.

For more details about the VR Training Platform, please refer to the following award video provided by Hong Kong International Airport: