Company Updates


Students from Certificate in Airport Services and Operations Visit CASL Organised by Hong Kong International Aviation Academy and HKUSPACE, the Certificate in Airport Services and Operations Course provides students with basic aviation knowledge and study tours, including a visit to CASL.
Summer Drinks Distribution Progamme The high temperature is one of the serious challenges to the safety and health of staff who work in outdoor areas and expose their bodies to strong sunlight and hot weather. Getting sufficient water intake is efficient for staff to lower their body temperature and prevent injuries from heat stroke.
HKIA Environmental Management Recognition Scheme – Excellent Class CASL strives to promote and implement environmental protection. CASL works with Airport Authority Hong Kong and more than 100 companies in the airport community to support the "HKIA Environmental Management Recognition Scheme" and to build a sustainable green airport. Our environmental protection measures were recognised by the Scheme and awarded the Excellent Class Certificate.
Meets the International Standards The Quality Management System of CASL’s Supply and Stores Department has been audited by independent certification organisation, Bureau Veritas Certification. Certification of Approval has been issued to CASL, for the scope of “storage and distribution of aircraft parts and tools” under the standards of BS EN ISO 9001:2008 / EN 9120:2010.